Leo Jumpsuit

$ 2,699.00

Product Description:

We love linen. Leo is a monopant with a heart neckline with a detachable tie. Fitted on the waist and flare on the pants it creates an overall curvy silhouette. It's more of a casual piece, but can be played up for special and warm occassions 

Product Detail:

- Can be with a strap or strapless neckline
- A relaxed bodice jumpsuit
- A fitted waist rests atop wide pant legs 


- Total Carbon Emission savings vs conventional fabric: 0.0198Kg/pc
- Total Water Footprint vs conventional fabric: 331.5840Lt/ pc
- Water savings per piece = 3.3 times showers
- Fabric Description: Tweed Linen

Fabric & Care

  • Fabric Composition: 97% Linen & 3% Others 
  • Washing method: Wash in lukewarm water


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