The Sustainability Report
2022 Q1


In the words of Vogue magazine, Zurita Group is a rising sustainability company in the second-largest economy of China. As a B Corp certified company, it’s obvious where our best interest lies- which is to balance both our business effort and environmental responsibility in the favor of our planet. Our EARTH framework assesses, measures, and projects the impact of every single step taken towards a greener world.

Our EARTH framework is the abbreviation of Emphasis, Activities, Results, Targets, and Horizons. E stands for Emphasis which implies why ourgroup works and stands for. Activities are what our group does to achieve ourpoints of emphasis. The consequences of our actions fall under R, which is Results. While Targets are our goals for theimmediate quarter, our long-term vision is explained by Horizons.

E| Emphasis

In the first quarter of 2022, we’ve adjusted our strategy to create a more circular economy through our operations. Our efforts emphasize tackling the key issues threatening the safety of humans, flora, and fauna. Through our solutions, we aim to channel our efforts into the following:


As a sustainable group, we are a crucial bridge between our conscious consumers and fashion brands. Further emphasizing our key role in creating a circular economy, we aim to strengthen our bridge by connecting it with recycling companies. Therefore our emphasis lies on partnering with more recycling companies and creating a seamless flow of recyclable textiles from our customers. To be more clear, we collect deadstock fabrics or overstocks that will definitely end up in landfills and turn them into high-quality raw materialsfor the next cycle of textile products. This way, not only do brands free up from the waste and costs, it maximizes the utility potential of textiles.


Another area of emphasis is our humanity side. Zurita group is where like-minded individuals come together, share their ideas and visions for the future, and combine their efforts towards sustainability in the textile industry. We further aim to strengthen ourselves, our customers, and our communities emotionally, intellectually, and in an environmentally friendly way.


Our emphasis on sustainability is reflected in two ways. One as a sustainable fashion brand ourselves. The second is transforming other brands with our sustainability expertise consultation. As a green brand, we strive to reduce our carbon and water footprints by using sustainable operations and reducing our overstocks through data optimization. As a sustainability consulting label, we assist and help other fashion and non-fashion brands improve their sustainability efforts. Furthermore, we educate our audiences and every stakeholder that wants to do good to the Earth, all about sustainability.

A| Activities


All our operations and actions at Zurita Madrid follow the footsteps of the industry’s golden standard- The Reformation Standards. It is a holistic framework, taking into consideration of various factors like water and energy input, land usage, eco, and human toxicity, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, availability, and price.

Evaluating ourselves through the lens of the Ref framework, we set and achieve our quarterly goals. For Q1 of 2022, we’ve started out with two ambitious goals. The first goal of Zurita Madrid and DoinGreat (another brand in the Zurita group) combined together is achieving the usage of A, B, and C types of fabrics up to 98% in the first quarter of 2022. And our second goal was set to eliminate the usage of Type E fabrics which do not do much good to the environment. Through consistent efforts, we have reached both of our goals of improving our fiber quality and standards. Furthermore, we aim to use 100% of type A, B, and C fabrics to make ourselves more sustainable on the spectrum.

Put in detail, we’ve used 47% of our fabrics from A type, 31% from type B, 20% from type C, 2% from type D, and 0% from type E in quarter 1 for all our productions. The reason for using various types of fabrics is to create clothes that have very minimal impact on the environment while being fashionable.


Putting together our impact from Zurita Madrid, DoinGreat and NEST solutions, the following footprints and savings have been recorded in our group in quarter 1.

At Zurita Group, in addition, to minimize the impact we create on the environment, we also strive hard to offset that minimum impact as well. Because our ultimate goal is to become sustainable at the highest level possible.

Carbon Footprint Neutralization: For every 6 kilograms of the carbon footprint created, we plant a tree. For the last quarter, the total carbon footprint was about 92 kg/m. Thereby, together with Roots & Shoots, we will be planting 15 trees to offset it.

Water Footprint Neutralization: To offset the impact caused due to the usage of 96,040 liters of water, we’ll donate 960 RMB in total, taking in our offset standard of 1 RMB for every 100 liters. These funds will be directed to Shanghai Danology Institute for implementing cleaner technology.


While the start of 2022 was amazing, pandemic prevention measures delayed most of our operations, yet together with our team’s support and resilience, we were able to reach most of our goals. With the same energy, we move forward deep into the year with clear sustainability goals stated below.

H | Horizons

Zurita Madrid
Latam is considered the textile hotspot due to its high production. With mammoth-sized production comes many difficulties in sustainability. As a rising sustainable brand, we aim not to upscale our sustainability operations in Mexico but also to nearby countries with brimming potential. Over the next five years, we are confident to be synonymous with sustainability or eco-friendly across this region.

In addition to our sustainable designs, we will continuously look for innovations and new green
fabrics that will lessen the impact of the textile industry on the environment.


Our presence in China has one strategic goal - To turn the skepticism towards the sustainability potential of China into a deep trust for many fashions and textile brands as a destination for eco-friendliness. At the same time, this is achallenging goal for us yet not an impossible one.

NEST Solutions

Our horizon for NEST solutions looks over the recycling and educative aspects. We won't evolve as a leader in recycling and sustainable solutions for both fashion and non-fashion brands across the globe. We want to make the transition to a greener brand simpler, transparent, and impactful with our solutions.