We are a proud B Corp certified company, which means whatever we do is for the benefit of the environment everyone shares. Everyone at Zurita works for, with, and by EARTH. We also report everything in our EARTH framework only.

Our EARTH framework is the abbreviation of Emphasis, Activates, Rewards, Targets and Humans. Emphasis explains our goals. Activities are how we achieve our points of emphasis. Rewards are the benefits every stakeholder receives as a result of our activities. Targets are our goals for the next quarter. And lastly, Humans refer to everyone we work for, together, and with to better our planet and the textile industry.


Our efforts emphasize tackling the key issues threatening the wellbeing of humans, flora, and fauna. Through our solutions, we aim to fight three key issues:

Carbon & Water Footprints
At Zurita, every effort is channeled into reducing businesses' carbon and water footprints by providing them with sustainable means of sourcing, producing, and effectively offsetting measures.

Our Just Enough system forecasts demand and supply to remove the 87% of leftover stocks that end up in landfills and microfibers that settle in the oceanic bodies.

Production & End of Life Waste
Our commitment extends to minimizing the tons of waste produced by the textile industry that pollutes all biospheres through greener supply chains, optimized inventory systems, and better waste recycling processes.


Following in the steps of a pioneer in sustainable fashion, Zurita adopted the fiber standards set by Reformation. The Ref framework is a holistic one, taking into consideration various factors, such as water and energy input, land usage, eco and human toxicity, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, availability and price.

All our garments produced at Zurita Madrid follow Ref framework to minizine our footprint as much as possible. In Q4, we’ve used 47% of our fabrics from type A, 31% from type B, 20% from type C, and 2% from type E. We mix and match various types of fabrics to produce low-impact garments for our customers. Although these figures were good, the 2% of E should not have been there and we are committed to have zero use of E on the next quarter. On the other hand, we are very proud of our work with deadstocks and we plan to keep increasing the use of these fabrics and give them a second life, because nothing becomes waste until we waste it.

Over the past quarter, Zurita achieved the following footprints and savings:

Note: The Conventional footprint here refers to the carbon and water footprint caused by clothing manufactured with non-ecological fibers and artificial fabrics like rayon, nylon etc.


Every action we take reflects our commitment towards our planet, transparency in our processes, and investment in our work. We work together to make the fashion industry more circular and sustainable in nature. Through our synergistic efforts, both our planet and our people are being greatly rewarded.

Planet & Neutrality
We all are a part of our planet, living in its environment and utilizing the resources it offers. As a part of giving back to nature, we neutralized the impact created in the last quarter.

Carbon Footprint Neutralization:
For every 6 kilograms of carbon footprint created, we plant a tree. For the last quarter, the total carbon footprint was about 37 kg/m. Thereby, together with Roots & Shoots, we will be planting 6 trees to offset it.

Water Footprint Neutralization:
In Q4, we’ve used around 15,099 liters of water. To recover this footprint, we’ve donated 1 RMB for every 100 liters, with the total donation standing at 151 RMB. These funds will be directed to Shanghai Danology Institute for implementing cleaner technology.

Waste Reduction and Recycling:
We cooperate with the best waste recycling factories to channel our waste in an efficient recycling process. Also, we encourage our stakeholders to recycle every one of their own garments after the end of the first life cycle.

People, Passion & Purpose
The greatest reward for our employees is working together for a shared purpose. Our passion fuels our work and drives us to be the most productive version of ourselves. One of our marketing interns, Sampurna Balde from India, has been so inspired by our operations, that sustainable fashion become one of her passions. Furthermore, to diverge into the domain, she undertook ‘Sustainability futurist project’ conducted at her university. It is a project in which the students create social media posts on sustainability applying technology and arts and promote them on the digital channels. Likewise, Callan, our other Marketing Intern from South Africa has been excited about our eco-fashion and sustainable solutions. Every day at Zurita Group is a day filled with fun and learning. Even when we are ocean apart, Sandra from Spain actively engages with our work and is becoming an expert about sustainability. Zurita always encourages everyone to take on the path of sustainability and make our planet the first priority.


In 2022, we’re even more ambitious in achieving our goals of sustainability. We’re already set our 2022 Q1 goals and already working on them. Here is a glimpse of how exciting Q1 of 2022 is going to be for our team, our stakeholders, and for everyone working for the betterment of our planet.

Note: The Conventional footprint here refers to the carbon and water footprint caused by clothing manufactured with non-ecological fibers and artificial fabrics like rayon, nylon etc.


As an aggregate of leading socially responsible companies, we continuously work to educate, encourage, and empower everyone involved in our mission. Every individual with their amazing abilities and concern for the planet enthusiastically joins us in taking our sustainability efforts to the next level. They come in different forms- customers, suppliers, or partners. Each one of them is an integral part of who we are.

Satisfied Customers
We exist to serve our most important stakeholders - customers. To spread our greater mission of scaling up sustainability in the textile industry, we’ve designed, developed, and distribute solutions and eco-garments to our customers. We currently serve customers from China, Spain and Mexico and are gearing towards more international expansion. Besides offering eco-friendly garments, we also educate them on maintaining their existing clothes for a long time. Furthermore, we actively communicate our goals, targets, mission by having a consistent presence in all our channels- both digital and brick & mortar touchpoints.

A Diversified Team
Even though our headquarters are in Shanghai, China, our team of 100% women employees is very diverse. Because we believe in global inclusion in our sustainability journey, we want as many countries, ethnicities, cultures, customs, and thinking to be part of us. We have a team from various parts of their world, bringing in their own mix of talent, responsibility, and fun. Our team members hail from India (1), Singapore (1), Spain (2), China, SAR Macao (1) South Africa (1), United States (1) and the Philippines (1). All of them receive wages enough to support a decent living according to their country's standards. We ensure the wellbeing of our key members by regularly having conversations with them, understanding difficulties they face in both work and life, and supporting them in any way possible. A culture of support is what we want to create.

Global Partners
We have a special knack for selecting our partners who are well renowned for their efforts towards sustainability. They ensure the highest quality and care in their green offerings. Our partners from around the globe are certified by many top standards reviewing organizations. Their certifications include B Corporation, Global Recycled Standard, BSCI, OKEO 100, Fashion for Good, and many more. Through our mutual goal of transforming the textile industry with our combined efforts and innovations, we believe we are on our way to achieving it.

Some of our new partnerships include Y Punto and Ever Win. Y Punto is a sustainable knitwear brand with over 20 years of experience in sustainable production and distribution. Through this partnership, we aim to increase the favorability of sustainable knits around the world.

Our new multi-certified partner, Ever Win specializes in eco-products like paper, recycled labels, plastic and badges. With this collaboration, we make every part of garments like labels, tags, packaging, 100% sustainable.

Green Alliances
Zurita is aware of our responsibility towards the planet. We continuously strive to offset our footprints even when it’s very minimum. By partnering with Roots & Shoots and Oriental Danology Institute, we neutralize the minimum impact by planting trees and directing funds towards water cleaning technology. By giving back to nature and experiencing the change by ourselves, we are more motivated than ever.

Moving Forward

Planning for the future is planning for efficiency and that is why we have made plans for the coming quarters. Our efforts at Zurita not only have an influence on today, but also tomorrow. Through these plans, we intend to make everyone a successful part of the sustainability revolution in the textile industry. Our framework for the future will be our GOALS.

Currently, our group caters to markets in China, Spain and Mexico. Starting from this quarter, we’ll work towards expanding to more lucrative international markets like Brazil and South Africa. We aim to establish fruitful collaborations with the leading brands in the sustainable fashion industry.

In Q1, we only aim to use up to 95% of A and B type fabrics from our framework. As a part of our optimization strategy, we will partner with more innovative sustainable suppliers to ramp up and cater to more geographical locations. To reduce the usage of new raw materials for the production of new clothes, our team will focus on creating an efficient flow of recyclable materials from our customers and convert them into raw materials. Also, we’ll build more
channels to implement circularity in our uniforms.

This year, our team will focus more on spreading awareness about various aspects of sustainability and our company. We intent to direct our efforts towards Instagram as the key channel and use its advertising functions to connect with our stakeholders, starting from gaining 500 followers in the Q1 to posting 4-5 times a week about sustainability. We aim to educate our consumers about combating the fast fashion culture and how to adopt slow and recycled fashion.

In Q1, Zurita will use our experience and expertise to create educational content like sustainable leadership training to Spanish speakers. We strongly believe e-commerce and education together will make sustainable industry spread far into the corners of the world. Also, as a fast-growing sustainable fashion brand, our group aims to create specific eco-campaigns tailor-made to customer needs and preferences. These campaigns will be both informative and prompt our customers to take the action themselves by actively recycling their existing garments and taking better care of them. 

With all our goals in sight, we aim to succeed in transforming the existing textile industry into a more eco-friendly industry and make everyone a part of our major revolution towards sustainability.