We are Zurita.

We do great clothes that do great on the environment.

Zurita is a socially and environmentally conscious fashion brand. We believe successful women are more and more keen on leading a sustainable life, so we are here to empower them with the style they need to get there. Switching to sustainable fashion is the first step to leading a conscious lifestyle and achieving success.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that EVERY woman is beautiful in her own way, and we’re here to make it known. We trust that there’s a future where every woman can feel empowered. Leading with sustainability has given us the drive to become better women and create a better world. It’s now our job to help others join the movement. 

We Make Fast Fashion Green.

We produce new styles every month that are trendy, yet conscious. We only produce limited edition collections, because being sustainable is mostly a question of using only the resources you need. We prove you can design very quickly to give your customers what they want, and at the same time be green in everything you do.

Our Materials

We only use the most sustainable fabrics, such as linen, deadstock silk, satin, and recycled polyester. They’re not only great for the environment, but also extremely comfortable to wear. Our clothes look like heels, but feel like flats. 

Our Team

We have one rule: Give before you take. That applies to our customers, suppliers, and of course, our team. We work hard to make sure everybody related to our company is properly treated. Therefore, 100% of our team receives a fair living wage. This ensures that when our customers make a purchase, they not only make a positive impact on themselves, but also on others.